Solo guitar gigs: Late February, March and some April dates for live music in Atlanta

As the cooler weather abates and we get to admire pretty blossoms amidst a yellow haze it will be time for live music in Atlanta.  I look forward to playing some guitar at the following public dates, I hope you’ll join me:

2/26 – Variety guitar at Chateau Elan. 5-8pm

3/7, 14 and 21 – Spanish guitar at El Viñedo Local, your patio destination for live music in Atlanta, typically 6:30-9:30 but varies with the Fox Theater so call ahead.

3/3, 10 and 31 – Variety guitar and vocals at El Viñedo Local for brunch – 12:30-3:30pm, also 3/12 from 5:30-8:30pm

3/17 and 4/14 – Variety guitar and vocals, Curbside at VinoTeca / Bill Hallman Boutique, 3:00-6:00pm

A view of the winery and statue at Chateau Elan
I had a nice Monday gig, 2/26/2024, at Chateau Elan. The lady depicted in the statue is stomping grapes (known as ‘pigeage’, apparently) and practicing her skyhook? I bet she drained it, no net! Beautiful place.










Things to know:

1) Be sure to check out my Music and Videos page! There are links to past recordings and also to my youtube page, where I add content frequently, please check it out.

2) Thursday nights at El Viñedo Local are dedicated (mostly) to instrumental music from South America with a bit of Spanish guitar items from other regions. Other gigs often include some singing and some jazz/pop/island/classical… you get the idea! The brunch gigs, in particular, often include some classical guitar playing, I do love some Bach, often some of the cello or lute suites, with my laté!

3) These public dates are sponsored by the small businesses that host them. If you like the idea of live music in Atlanta please do your part and come out to enjoy the scene! It can’t happen without you.

4) I am pondering a new recording project this year. I have intended to complete a solo guitar album for quite some time but also am feeling like it’s time to do some ensemble playing. I need to pick one to start with before 2024 goes on it’s merry way.